Little Self-Care Changes I’ve Been Incorporating Into My Daily Routine

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4 min readFeb 8, 2022


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Recently, the founder of the nonprofit I work for asked me to do a write-up about the increasing need for the arts among adults during Covid -19. As part of the research that I did for that article, I discovered an alarming trend with regard to depression and anxiety in the US.

The chart below shows the percentage of U.S. adults showing symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.


I also learned a lot about the mental health and emotional benefits of engaging in artistic pursuits. It also made me even more determined to stop working myself to exhaustion and to slow down to smell the roses.

For me, it all begins with identifying what my priorities are and building firm boundaries around them — hence I decided some of my nonnegotiables with you.

Does experimenting with Canva count as art, I wonder? I certainly have fun and am more relaxed while playing with the templates. backgrounds and texts.

🌸It would be great to know what your nonnegotiables are so please feel to share in the comments or as an article on Medium🌸

So without further ado, I’d like to appreciate and share with you those who have already submitted to the February Life promptHow Do I Practice Self-Care?”

In It Would Help if You Didn’t View My Alone Time as Selfish or Lonesome Donnette Anglin talks about how self-care is different for everyone. In her case, she chose solitude to self-care and heal from a tragedy. These are her words — “The need for time by yourself shouldn’t be confused with loneliness.

Sending you love and healing my dear friend❤

Tamil shared an insightful piece about the power of self-care You Are More Important Than You Think. One of the ways she chose self-care is as follows “I stopped arguing over trivial things. And explaining myself to everyone.” I also enjoyed reading her non-negotiable glow🌟routine — “Sitting in



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