How I Consistently Get High Audience Engagement as a Newbie

Here are 3 helpful tips for building audience engagement

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This article is inspired by my Medium friend, Sajjad Choudhury’s comment on a recent article of mine and it goes like this “ see you getting thousands of claps and 50+ comments on a single article is soooo good.”

Well, that made me do a little research and guess who is the Top Writer in the Audience Engagement tag? Yup, it’s your girl right here 😁

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So what is audience engagement?

Engagement is a great way to measure whether the content you’re creating is actually resonating with your audience and basically means this 👇

Reading my articles + Posting in Comments Section + Mentions + Saves + Sharing with friends on Social Media

So without further ado, here’s my secret sauce:

3 Reasons Why My Audience Engagement is High

1. Relatability👐: The most common comment I receive is of readers saying how well they can relate to my writing😊

For example, I recently wrote an article about how I experienced corporal punishment as a student published in the reputed pub, Age of Awareness. I was surprised by the responses I received from readers who experienced the same from a myriad of different countries like South Africa, India, Pakistan, Jamaica, Ghana, Nigeria, the U.K, Canada, and yes, the US.

I don’t use fancy language. Heck, my English may be more in line with your average 6–8th grader, and let’s not even get into sentence structure, grammar, and all that good sh*t.

But guess what, it works for me. I’m not here to please one or two people who get their knickers in a twist because I missed an effing comma. And to them I say I wish you the best with your perfectly perfect essays!

If you check out Ryan McCready’s articleWhat makes an article popular on Medium? We analyzed 10,000+ data points to find out,” you will notice some interesting trends like this one…



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