Have You Experienced a Consciousness Shift Recently?

Life newsletter #6, Month of March guest prompt by popular writer Carmellita, and exciting new highlights

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I was in a conversation recently in which the topic of the Russian invasion of Ukraine came up. What surprised me was that the other person preferred not to focus on what is happening in Europe as it apparently was having a negative impact on them.

I was astonished.

Is tuning out the news an act of self-care or selfishness?

I for one am horrified by the violence and loss of life. As a human being and writer, I simply cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in the world I live in.

How can I not react and add my voice to the public outcry?

From my own life experience, I know for a fact that change is possible only by speaking up. Keeping quiet never served anyone except the perpetrators of abuse or violence.

I learned the hard way: In my time of need, most of my so-called “friends” did not want to soil their “lily-white hands” and choose the safe road — turning a blind eye in other words. They never stopped to think that tomorrow it might be them in the same situation, ostracized and alone — where a kind word or a genuine “How are you doing?” can be like life-giving water in the desert.

But I digress.

It hasn’t been an easy week hence the slightly bitter taste to my words and that’s okay too because guess what — I’m human and I’m not going to say everything is just peachy when it isn’t.

So am I glad that my dear friend and a creator I have much respect for, Carmellita agreed to do a prompt collab with me for the month of March! So without further ado let me hand it over to Carmellita:

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Many philosophers of mind, psychologists, and scientists argue about what consciousness is. But they all seem to agree that consciousness is your awareness of self and the world you live in. This includes an awareness of thoughts feelings, memories, and…



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