Tearjerkers, heartbreakers, and glorious phoenixes (part 2), important updates, and an exciting mid-month prompt

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Like most of you know, I stepped up to host “Know Thyself” in order to provide a safe space for vulnerable pieces while Diana C of KTHT pub took a much-needed break from her duties. I am happy to report that she is back as of the 17th of January!

It’s about identifying the activities that matter and setting boundaries around them in order to be fully present both at work and at home

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I am a personal story writer. Ten months ago, I wrote my first article about how I had drawn inspiration from my ailing houseplant, Cody, who stubbornly clung to life despite being abandoned, unloved, and uncared for. Together we started on the slow road to recovery— me from deep depression…


Yana BG’s WriteEZ Newsletter#1 featuring tips from new writer Sara Burdick who is killing it with her self-published stories on Medium

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Let’s face it, going with pubs is not every writer’s cuppa tea. I was very nervous submitting to the first pub I ever published with, Be Yourself, because I was just starting out with my writing and didn’t know if what I had written was up to par. But just…


3 little Irritating Comments I Get as a Non-Native English Speaker in the US

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My Medium friend Sharing Randomly runs a travel column✈ at Coffee Times and always has interesting prompts/stories to share. This week I was drawn to her prompt about languages — “What happens when a language becomes a barrier?” Most likely she is referring to how it is like to travel…

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