Family pressure can be a force to reckon with which led me down the path to emotional distress. This is how I regained control of my life.

Sometimes taking a mental health break is the right thing to do
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Calling my family members a bunch of overachievers is an understatement.

Imagine having an uncle who obtained his PhD in his seventies so he wouldn’t be considered any less (status wise) than his twin, the medical doctor.

Yes, that’s how competitive my family members are.

And when family prestige is…

6 ways that I have found to be helpful

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“Everyone that joins your journey is supposed to be a part of your life, but not all of them will stay no matter how special they might have become.”

An emotional empath, like me, can feel someone else’s energy and by…

I am finally breaking free of many years of cultural conditioning to pursue my dream of writing

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I don’t want to write about unicorns and rainbows.

Neither do I want to write about safe, squeaky clean topics out of fear of stepping on someone else’s toes or worse, offending the finer sensibilities of my family.

That’s not who I am.

But that was who I was for…

Hint: definitely a bad idea to talk about your past conquests on a first date

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At what point on a first date do you mention you are emotionally unstable and in financial ruin….just after appetizers?”

While honesty is an admirable trait, it is probably not the best idea for a…

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I frequently come across lingo, like the ones below, in the comment section. These 5 seem to get other writers’ goat 🐐

Link bombing 🔗🔗🔗— embedding multiple links of previous articles on your latest post.

Landsliding😵 — your article getting buried under the sheer volume of articles published daily by…

As a product of an education system that did not encourage creative writing, I, an adult living in the US, had to learn it from scratch using a three-pronged approach

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Where I come from, rote learning is an educational tradition. Exam time routinely culminated in ad verbatim regurgitation onto the answer sheets. Those who regurgitated the best won academic accolades.

And I was the best of them — the gold medal still shiny despite the passage of time.

I would…

By inviting her to coffee at Coffee Times, of course!

Image by author

I am an introvert and shy to boot but here I am taking part in an interview with a wonderful upcoming pub, Coffee Times. …

Prompt: Contemplate emotions you’re afraid of exposing to others. What do you hide? Why?

A picture of a girl in love
I wish you were here Photo by Neal Kharawala on Unsplash

Relationships should add to our life, not detract” — Jill (Conquering Cognitions)

I have conflicted feelings about love. Maybe it is because romantic relationships have never been easy for me. …

So what if you were hot stuff prior to writing here? Don’t expect anyone to roll out the red carpet

Impress me with your writing not your past achievements Photo by canercevirgen from Pexels

I’ve had my share of highs like graduating summa cum laude and winning a minor beauty pageant back in the day 👸🏻. …

Yana Bostongirl

4x Top Writer(This happened to me & social media). Avid follower of Thich Nhat Hanh. Writes about life, RT’s, social media, self-discovery, and self-awareness.

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