None are big guns

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These past 5 months on this platform has been quite the ride and I thought it would be a great idea to take a moment to appreciate the pubs that have been an important part of my journey.

You may be surprised to know that these are not big pubs with massive followings and yet they have not only taught me a lot about writing articles but also connected me with some exceptional editors & other wonderful writers.

Some folks are under the misconception that a writer can only gain traction by publishing in big pubs but not only do…

And how I was able to recover and become whole again

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“Empathy is a finite resource. You can run out. As a normal, psychological response, you cannot give yourself of again and again and again without replenishing.” Emmett Fitzgerald

Someone I was close to once was involved in a fender bender on the highway. When he recounted the incident to me, I couldn’t for the life of me dredge up any emotion. Predictably, that didn’t go down well with him and he ended up accusing me of not caring.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. Of course I cared. …

It turned out to be a good thing

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I am used to reading stories of writers getting rejected by big pubs so I thought why not write about how I experienced rejection from a small pub.

If you have read some of my articles, you may know that I publish mostly in small pubs and that I am a big supporter of them. I also attribute my accomplishments during my 6 month journey on this platform to those small pubs and my loyal readers.

Back in July, I submitted an article titled “5 Effects Of A “You’re Cute But Fat” Comment I Received At Age 16" to a…

It’s not the big bucks as promised in clickbait articles but I’m more than happy

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I started writing on this platform in February of this year and it was not until sometime in May that I decided to join the MPP. My earnings have consistently been over $100 since June.

Why didn’t I join the MPP earlier — you wonder?

Here are the reasons:

  1. Since Medium happened to be my first foray into writing, I came in with zero expectations.
  2. I read laments from both newbies and experienced writers about how their articles were earning cents per article. Looking at my stats and engagement then, I didn’t think there was much hope for me.
  3. I…

And I have never forgotten what it was like — the horror, the shock, personal impressions as well as the expressions of others following the attack on the twin towers

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Have you seen a controlled implosion of a high rise?

According to Wikipedia “In the controlled demolition industry, building implosion is the strategic placing of explosive material and timing of its detonation so that a structure collapses on itself in a matter of seconds, minimizing the physical damage to its immediate surroundings.”

Since it’s the preferred method of safely demolishing tall structures, such sights are not uncommon in a city…

2 men, 2 different countries, same sh*t

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Young men need to show women the respect they deserve and recognize sexual assault and to do their part to stop it” Barack Obama

The first time I was threatened with rape, I was a school-going girl of 13. This was back in South Africa, where I grew up.

I still remember the fellow, late teens, the whole situation having a surreal feel to it on account of the innocuous-looking school uniform complete with a necktie that he wore (he was my senior at the school we both attended). …

Prompt response: Torrents of emotions carved into my thoughts

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“Your favorite drink is Sprite. Do you know what mine is?”

The response to my teasing question is a sheepish grin.

So I helped him out — “It’s coffee, coconut water and coke on ice. In that order.”

He immediately tried to rally, “Oh yeah, I already know about the coconut water….”

“No, you didn’t!”

Save it for someone who actually gives a f*ck

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“… some encouragement can go a long way. Especially if they are newbies….Leaving a thank you and a clap means the world to both new and experienced writers” — JS Adam.

I understand constructive criticism. Heck, as a newbie writer, I would appreciate it if it can improve my craft. But the one thing that irritates me is when a so-called ‘experienced’ writer picks on a new writer to convey how you are not worth reading in their lofty eyes.

Has this happened to you?

My advice is to brush it…

Yana Bostongirl

3x Medium Top Writer. Avid follower of Thich Nhat Hanh. Yana writes about life, relationships, self discovery and self awareness.

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